Water Treatment Chemicals

Reverse Osmosis Chemicals

a) Reverse Osmosis Antiscalent:
It is formulated to prevent the formation and precipitation of crystallized mineral salts which form scale on membrane. We offer cost effective antiscalent which is highly efficient in controlling the deposits of scale forming salts and organic fouling on membrane surfaces. Use of our product protects expensive membranes, reduces use of acid for cleaning, provide high permeate recovery rate & save downtime in frequent membrane cleanings.

b) High Silica water RO Antiscalent
This is a mixture of antifoulants, antiscalant, and silica dispersants. The high Silica Water RO Membrane antiscalant gives protection from aluminum silicate fouling and controls scaling of calcium sulfate, calcium carbonate, barium sulfate, calcium phosphate, etc. Typical product dosage range is between 3 and 5 mg/l.

* Controls scales of calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, barium sulfate, strontium sulfate, calcium fluoride, iron, colloidal material, silica, and other organic and inorganic contaminants
* Compatible with most leading RO membranes
* Reduced cleaning and maintenance costs
* Lower operating cost
* RO systems operate at higher recovery rates due to reduced scale

RO Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning chemical is a specially formulated blend of cleaner to remove the inorganic and organic compounds including biological slime.

High ph/Alkaline cleaning chemicals

Alkaline cleaners are used to remove organic fouling including biological matter.

Low ph/Acidic cleaning chemicals

The acid cleaners are used to remove inorganic precipitates including iron.

* Restores flux rates
* Prolongs membrane life
* Improves % recovery and % rejection rates


Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals

We provide complete range of boiler water chemicals to protect the boiler from corrosion, scaling, pitting etc. We provide the a range of chemicals for below given applications-

Oxygen Scavenger
It is used to remove dissolved oxygen in boiler feed water, oxygen causes corrosion in boiler. We provide oxygen scavenger in Sulphite base & Hydrazine base depending on the requirement of treatment

Antiscalant/Sludge Conditioner
It is used to keep the different type of sludge in suspension, which can be easily removed through the blowdown

Ph Booster/Alkalinity Builder
It is used to increase the ph of boiler feed water to keep it in the desired range prescribed by the boiler manufacturer to minimize the corrosion. We provide ph booster both in inorganic & organic form.

Amine base corrosion inhibitor
It is a mixture of amines, It is used to form an evenly distributed layer on complete boiler system to protect it from corrosion & scaling. It is used where very low conductivity water is used as boiler feed water.

Descaling Chemicals
It is used to remove inorganic & organic scales in boiler, Water Preheater & Air preheater etc. Descaling is done by circulation of descaling chemicals to dissolved the scales at suitable temperature.

Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals

We provide complete range of cooling water chemicals to control the biological growth, scaling, fouling & corrosion in cooling water systems. We provide the a range of chemicals as given below-

Oxidizing/Non Oxidizing Biocides
It is used to control the growth of micro-organism in cooling water system. It is also effective in removing the existing slime deposits. It is not affected by operational Ph, COD or organic contamination in the system & compatible with other treatment chemicals. Biocides are available in both oxidizing & non oxidizing form.

Scale Inhibitors
It is used to control the precipitation of scales in cooling water system, it also contains dispersants for suspended matter such as silt, metal oxide etc. It is compatible with other treatment chemicals as biocides & other inhibitors.

It is used to remove & disperse deposits cause by biological activity or process contamination. It disperse oil, hydrocarbon & other organic foulants. It is not affected by higher levels of hardness & TDS. It is compatible with other treatment chemicals

Corrosion Inhibitor
It forms a stable, evenly distributed protective film on distribution piping and heat exchangers & increases the life of equipments. It minimizes pressure drop by preventing rust build-up and significantly reduces the amount of corrosion products released in the water

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